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A Comprehensive Guide to Free Mammograms in Maryland

When it comes to breast cancer screening, mammograms are the gold standard. These X-ray screenings can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages, often before a lump can be felt. The good news is that all women in Maryland have access to free or low-cost mammograms, regardless of financial background.

Importance of Mammograms and Breast Cancer Statistics in Maryland

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among Maryland women. According to the Maryland Department of Health, approximately 128 out of every 100,000 women in Maryland are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer each year. Therefore, getting regular mammograms is crucial for early detection and successful treatment.

Government Programs Offering Free Mammograms

The Health General Section 20-120 enables Maryland's Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Program. This initiative makes breast cancer diagnosis and treatment services available for women residing in Maryland without health insurance or those underinsured. It primarily targets women aged 40 to 64. Breast and Cervical Cancer Program in Maryland (BCCP) offers clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic examinations, and Pap tests for eligible women at no cost. To be eligible, you must meet age requirements, be uninsured or underinsured, and have an income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level.

Non-Profit Organizations Offering Free Mammograms

In addition to government programs, several non-profit organizations provide free mammograms. The Red Devils is a Maryland-based non-profit helping women and their families cope with breast cancer. They provide funds for medical treatment, including mammograms for uninsured or underinsured women. Breast Fest of Maryland hosts an annual event that raises funds to provide mammograms, ultrasound screenings, and thermographic screenings for those in financial need. Sisters Network, Baltimore Affiliate provides free mammograms to uninsured and underserved women in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

How to Get a Free Mammogram in Maryland

Getting a free mammogram in Maryland is a straightforward process revolving around the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Here are the necessary steps: Step 1: Determine your eligibility. The primary factors that determine your eligibility for a free mammogram are your age, income level, and insurance status. Step 2: Contact the organization. Reach out to the organization offering the free mammograms, either by phone or through their website. Explain your situation and ask about the procedure for applying for a free mammogram. Step 3: Complete the necessary paperwork. Each organization will have its paperwork and documentation that you will need to fill out. This can often be done online. Step 4: Schedule your mammogram. Once your eligibility has been confirmed and your application approved, you can schedule your appointment at a local medical facility.


Regular mammograms can be the deciding factor in early breast cancer detection. They are a flagship defense against breast cancer, and numerous initiatives in the state of Maryland make them available to every woman, irrespective of their economic situation. If you're eligible, don't hesitate to contact the above-mentioned government programs or non-profit organizations to access your right to a free mammogram.

Maryland Free Mammograms

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