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A Comprehensive Guide to Free Mammograms in Connecticut

Breast cancer is a significant health issue affecting numerous women across the globe, with Connecticut having its share of cases. According to the American Cancer Society, there are roughly over 3,100 expected new cases of breast cancer within the state in 2021. Early detection of this disease is key to successful treatment, and mammograms serve as the primary method for early detection.

This article will discuss how women in Connecticut, especially those without adequate health insurance or with financial limitations, can access mammograms free of charge.

The Role of Government Programs

Help is available for women seeking free mammograms through both federal and state programs. A federal program, the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP), administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides free and low-cost mammograms to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured women.

In Connecticut, the NBCCEDP operates under the Connecticut Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (CBCCEDP). This program provides free mammogram screenings for Connecticut women aged 40 to 64 years who meet specific income requirements and have no health insurance or have a deductible greater than $1,000.

State-Funded Programs and Non-Profits

Beyond federal support, several local organizations and non-profits help Connecticut residents access free mammograms. For instance, the Connecticut Department of Public Health runs the Women's Health program that offers free mammograms and other beneficial services.

Furthermore, the non-profit Yale Cancer Center provides free mammograms and cervical cancer screening services to eligible women. The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HOCC), in partnership with the Charlotte Johnson Hollfelder Foundation, offers free mammograms to uninsured or underinsured individuals.

Steps to Getting Your Mammogram

To get a free mammogram, follow these steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Assess if you meet the criteria for the federal or state programs. For most programs, factors for consideration include your age, insurance status, and income level.
  2. Contact the Program: Once you identify a suitable program, contact them directly and enquire about their process. This contact information is usually available on their official website.
  3. Application Submission: You would typically have to fill out an application form, providing details such as your income and insurance status, to prove that you meet the program's criteria.
  4. Schedule your Mammogram: Once your application is approved, you can proceed to schedule your free mammogram.

Important Considerations

In addition to going for mammograms, breast self-examinations (BSE) and clinical breast exams (CBE) can help with early detection. Remember to perform a BSE monthly and schedule a CBE at least once a year.

Unfortunately, even with free mammogram options, many women do not get screened due to fear, lack of information, and logistical problems. If fear and anxiety are holding you back, remember that most mammograms return negative results. But in the unfortunate event breast cancer is detected, early discovery significantly increases the odds of successful treatment.

Lastly, if you encounter any barriers to getting your mammogram, such as transportation or scheduling difficulties, don't hesitate to share these concerns with the program you're working with. They may have resources or suggestions to help.


Free mammograms are accessible in Connecticut for women who qualify, thanks to both government and non-profit programs. We sincerely hope that this guide is a valuable resource in facilitating the essential self-care process that is breast cancer early detection and prevention.

Connecticut Free Mammograms

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