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Arizona Free Mammograms

This article aims to equip you with comprehensive information about free mammograms in the state of Arizona. Regular mammograms play a crucial role in detecting breast cancer early, significantly improving the chances of successful treatment and survival.

Breast Cancer in Arizona

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 128 per 100,000 women in Arizona were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, making it a top health concern in the state. With these alarming numbers, it's vital to have access to early cancer detection measures such as mammograms.

Government Programs Offering Free Mammograms in Arizona

Arizona Department of Health Services operates a comprehensive program called the 'Well Woman HealthCheck Program' (WWHP). The program provides free breast cancer screening services, including mammograms and clinical breast exams, to women who meet certain eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for free services include age, insurance status, income, and residence status. You can visit the WWHP's official website for more details and instructions on how to apply.

Non-Profit and NGO Programs for Free Mammograms

Beyond governmental support, several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and non-profit entities work towards providing free mammograms in Arizona:

  • Susan G. Komen foundation - provides low-cost and free mammograms and more comprehensive help for women with abnormal mammogram results. To find help in your area, use their Breast Care Helpline.
  • St. Joseph's hospital and Medical Center’s - offers a mobile mammography program bringing mammography services directly to women who might otherwise have no access to such lifesaving screenings.
  • Arizona Institute for Breast Health - offers free resources and education to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer in Arizona. They can be reached through their official website.

Steps to Getting Screened

If you're a woman residing in Arizona and aged 40 or above, it's important to regularly check for early signs of breast cancer. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check your eligibility for a free mammogram with governmental programs such as Well Woman HealthCheck Program. All details about eligibility and how to apply are provided on their website.
  2. If you're not eligible for governmental programs, look for non-profit and NGO programs. Organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, St. Joseph's Hospital, and the Arizona Institute for Breast Health are some of the entities offering screening services.
  3. Besides structured programs, there are also health events and breast cancer awareness months where associations offer free or low-cost mammograms. Keep an eye on local news and community updates.
  4. Lastly, always consult with your healthcare provider about the ideal time to start mammography screenings based on your individual health and family history.


Early detection of breast cancer dramatically raises the rate of survival. Therefore, mammography screenings should be a vital part of every woman's health regimen. Through the Well Woman HealthCheck Program and various non-profit initiatives, women in Arizona have access to free mammogram services regardless of their financial situation. Take this essential step towards ensuring your health today.

Arizona Free Mammograms

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