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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women and has the second highest mortality rate in the United States. In Wisconsin alone, it is estimated that in 2021, there will be 4,710 new cases of breast cancer and about 720 deaths due to it. Thankfully, several government bodies, NGOs, and non-profit organizations offer resources to tackle this issue, one of which is providing free mammograms for early detection.

Why Mammograms are Important

A mammogram is an X-ray scan of the breast that helps detect cancerous growths often long before they can be felt. Early detection is the key to successful treatment and in many cases, complete recovery. In the state of Wisconsin, regular screenings are highly encouraged, particularly for women above 40.

Government Programs

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP), funded by the state government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides free breast cancer screenings and mammograms to the underinsured and uninsured women aged 45 to 64. To qualify, your income must fall within 250% of the federal poverty level. To find the nearest coordinating agency, visit Wisconsin Well Woman Program. Another government-funded program is Wisconsin Medicaid & BadgerCare, which offers comprehensive health coverage to low-income adults, including breast cancer screenings and mammograms. If eligible, treatments are also covered under its Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.

NGOs and Non-profit Organizations

Breast Cancer Recovery, Susan G. Komen, and American Cancer Society are some of the non-government organizations that provide resources and assistance to Wisconsin residents. Breast Cancer Recovery provides services and grants for breast cancer survivors, while Susan G. Komen Wisconsin provides free mammograms for eligible individuals with limited resources. You can learn more by visiting the Susan G. Komen Wisconsin resources page. The American Cancer Society is also committed to saving lives through early detection and provides resources to find mammograms. Visit their American Cancer Society Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer for more information.

Steps to Get Screened

1. Check Your Eligibility: Before starting, ensure that you fall under the categories that are served by these programs. 2. Choose a Program: Once you have determined eligibility, decide on the program that suits your situation best. 3. Contact the Agency: Contact your chosen agency through the provided contact information. The staff will guide you through the process and answer any queries you may have. 4. Schedule a Mammogram: If you meet all the requirements, the agency will help you schedule a mammogram at a convenient location. 5. Prepare for Mammogram: Wear a two-piece outfit to the appointment and avoid using deodorants or perfumes. Remember that it's essential to go for regular mammograms even if you don't notice any symptoms. Most insurance plans cover mammograms, but if you're unfunded, take advantage of these free options for your health. Stay ahead of breast cancer with the right information and regular mammograms.

Wisconsin Free Mammograms

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