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A Comprehensive Guide to Free Mammograms in Virginia

Breast cancer is a major health concern worldwide. Early detection, often through mammograms, is crucial because it helps to reduce the mortality rate. However, the cost of these screenings may bar some people from availing it. Nonetheless, certain government and non-profit organizations offer free mammograms to eligible individuals. This guide will share information about obtaining free mammograms in Virginia and also highlight crucial state-specific breast cancer data.

Breast Cancer Statistics in Virginia

According to the American Cancer Society, Virginia documented an estimated 7,540 new breast cancer cases in 2021. Moreover, about 1,170 deaths were projected due to the disease the same year. These high numbers underscore the importance of regular screenings and early detection in the state.

Free Mammogram Programs in Virginia

There are several programs in Virginia that offer free mammograms. Understanding these programs and knowing if you qualify can help in accessing these resources.

Virginia Department of Health's Every Woman's Life (EWL) Program

Virginia's EWL program offers free mammograms and Pap tests to women with no insurance and those who meet specific income eligibility guidelines. Women between the age of 40-64 for mammograms and 18-64 for Pap tests are eligible for this program. The EWL program’s goal is to save lives by detecting breast and cervical cancer early.

VBH Foundation's Community Mammography Initiative

The VBH Foundation funds mammography screening for underinsured and uninsured women residing in the counties of Botetourt, Roanoke, and Franklin as well as the cities of Roanoke and Salem. If you reside in these areas and cannot afford a mammogram, contact the VBH Foundation for assistance.

Project Wish

DC Health’s Project WISH offers free mammograms for women in the DC area, including portions of Northern Virginia. You may qualify if you're between the ages of 40 and 74, have no insurance or are underinsured, and meet the income eligibility criteria.

Steps to Schedule a Free Screening

Following are the steps women in Virginia can take to schedule a free mammogram:

Determine Eligibility

Identify if you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned by each program. Criteria may include age, income levels, health insurance status, and area of residence.

Contact the Program

Once you have ensured eligibility, contact the program to learn more about their scheduling process. Often, they will guide directly or connect you with a healthcare provider that offers these screenings.

Schedule Your Mammogram

After you’ve been connected with a healthcare provider, make an appointment for your mammogram. If you’re nervous or unsure of the process, ask about it during your scheduling call. The healthcare team can guide you through what to expect.


After your mammogram, ensure to follow up on the results. In case of any anomalies, timely follow-ups are crucial.


With these accessible free mammogram services for eligible women in Virginia, the residents have an opportunity to detect breast cancer at an early stage. If you live in Virginia and meet the eligibility criteria, take advantage of these programs and prioritize your health. Remember, early detection is indeed the best protection.

Virginia Free Mammograms

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