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Hawaii Free Mammograms

In the beautiful state of Hawaii, healthcare is of paramount importance, and ensuring women's health safety is a top priority. Hawaii stands as one of the states with the most comprehensive healthcare structures, particularly when it comes to preventive screenings like mammograms.

Mammograms are essential for early detection of breast cancer — a leading cause of death among women. According to the Hawaii Department of Health, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the state and the second leading cause of cancer-related death for Hawaiian women.

Fortunately, mammograms are readily available in Hawaii and certain organizations offer them for free, in particular for those who may not have access due to financial constraints. This article aims to help women seeking information about free mammograms in Hawaii.

Government Funded Mammograms

The State of Hawaii, through its Department of Health, initiated the Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP). This program is federally funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and it provides free mammograms and pap tests to eligible women across the state.

To be eligible for this program, women must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 50 to 64 years old (although women 40-49 may be eligible in certain situations)
  2. Not have insurance or insurance that covers these screenings
  3. Meet certain income criteria

For more information about the BCCCP, interested individuals can call the Hawaii Department of Health hotline or visit their website.

Non-Profit and NGO Options

Apart from government-funded programs, there are several non-profit organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that offer free mammograms in Hawaii.

The American Cancer Society has local resources and support in Hawaii to help individuals reduce the risk of breast cancer and catch it early when it's most treatable. They provide free mammograms, especially for underinsured or uninsured women.

Komen Hawaii, an affiliate of Susan G. Komen, is also a significant player in the fight against breast cancer in Hawaii. They offer free mammograms to eligible women and can provide valuable information on free local resources.

Finally, The YWCA of Oahu also offers a Women’s Health Program designed to connect uninsured or underinsured women with free mammograms through a partnership with the American Cancer Society and other health organizations.

Getting Screened: Take the Next Steps

If you meet the criteria for a free mammogram, follow these steps to make it happen:

  1. Contact one of the listed organizations and inquire about their free mammogram program and the eligibility requirements.
  2. Book an appointment. If you’re eligible, the organization will assist you in scheduling your mammogram screening at an approved medical facility.
  3. Attend your appointment. The process usually takes around 20 minutes, and your results will be sent to you in the mail.

Early detection is crucial in the battle against breast cancer. Hawaii's government and NGOs continue their commitment towards making mammograms accessible to all eligible women. Remember, if you have any doubts or questions about breast cancer or mammograms, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Hawaii Free Mammograms

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