Barnabas Healthtory Care Center


Barnabas Healthtory Care Center

200 S Orange Ave
Livingston, NJ, 07039
(973) 322-7800
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Listing added Aug 1, 2018


The Breast Center offers women comprehensive breast care wellness services essential for good health. In addition to diagnostic services and mammography technology, a team approach to diagnosis and treatment is used. The technologists and mammography staff are all-female to ensure a higher comfort level.
Normal charges apply. However, patients with low to no insurance can be eligible for the Susan G. Komen grant. Please call for more information.

Barnabas Healthtory Care Center provides mammograms in New Jersey. To obtain more details on eligibility please contact Barnabas Healthtory Care Center directly by calling (973) 322-7800.

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    I would like information on how to qualify for a free to low cost mammogram. I have not had insurance coverage for over a year. I am working but employee responsibility is costly. I have felt one lump and possibly two other in my left breast as early as of May 2019.

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