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Not all facilities that offer free mammograms are completely free to everyone. Many diagnostic testing locations are free, some locations require that you meet income eligibility criteria. Call and ask before making an appointment or fully read the description information we provide.

Ralph Lauren Cancer Center

Ralph Lauren Cancer Center provides mammograms in New York. To obtain more details on eligibility please contact Ralph Lauren Cancer Center directly by calling (212) 987-1777.

Ralph Lauren Cancer Center


What services do they offer?

- Screenings for breast cancer - Evaluations of abnormal mammograms (X-ray images of the breast) - Evaluations of breast masses or lumps - Core needle biopsies (sample tissue taken for lab tests) - Diagnoses of breast cancer - Surgical treatments for breast cancer - Preventative services

Do I need a Dr's referral for a free mammogram?

  • Yes
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Do I need to make an appointment to be seen?

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Do I need to be a resident of this county to get a free mammogram?

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    Ralph Lauren Cancer Center website

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Comments (6)


Oct 1, 2021
I need a follow up appointment since I had a Mammongram however due to having DENSE BREAST, I need to be seen due to the DENSITY.


Apr 16, 2021
I have no health insurance and it has been a two years since my last breast examine. It is possible that I can make a appointment with a free examine.


Sep 23, 2020
I found a lump in my left breast and do not have health insurance. You came up on the web for free screening and I would like to svelte an appt as soon as possible


Sep 17, 2020
I have no health insurance and I have a large mass in my right breast and was told you do free screenings. If so id like to schedule an appointment. if you do not provide said service can you refer me to someone that does? Thank you in advance.


Sep 13, 2020
I want to know if I can schedule a mammogram this week


Aug 1, 2020
Your center is listed as provider of free mammogram. Is that true? I need one for left and right breasts.

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