Bonesteel Medical Clinic- EWM


Bonesteel Medical Clinic- EWM

314 Mellette St
Bonesteel, SD, 57317
(605) 654-9021
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Frequently Asked Questions about Bonesteel Medical Clinic- EWM

What program does this clinic participate in?
Free, or low cost mammogram to women who qualify through EWM (Every Woman Matters).

Do I need an appointment confirmation that they are an Every Woman Matters provider?
Yes. You need to confirm it with your doctor's office or clinic.

What does Every Woman Matters (EWM) program?
They help women get health check-ups.

What does EWM pay for?
Exams based on health history and program guidelines.

Who are qualified for EWM program?
Females only.

What is the age eligibility requirement?
Must be 40-74 years old.

Is there an income restriction?
Yes. Must meet income guidelines.

Do I need to have an insurance to qualify?
No. Client cannot have insurance.

Is there a citizenship restriction?
Yes. Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.

How can I get more information?
Call EWM at 1-800-532-2227.

What is their operating hours?
Monday, Friday: 8:30 AM-1:00 PM Wednesday: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Bonesteel Medical Clinic- EWM provides mammograms in South Dakota. To obtain more details on eligibility please contact Bonesteel Medical Clinic- EWM directly by calling (605) 654-9021.

Free Mammograms

Not all facilities that offer free mammograms are completely free to everyone. Many diagnostic testing locations are free, some locations require that you meet income eligibility criteria. Call and ask before making an appointment or fully read the description information we provide.


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