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Guide to Free Mammograms in Akron, Ohio

Mammograms are an essential tool in detecting breast cancer in the early stages. However, financial constraints should not be a hindrance to access these life-saving screenings. This article provides valuable information about free mammogram services available to women in Akron, Ohio.

Akron's Current Stats on Breast Cancer

According to the Ohio Department of Health, breast cancer was second to lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer in 2019 in the state. About 67% of the diagnosed cases were found in early stages through methods like mammograms. Women in Akron, and throughout Ohio, are encouraged to routinely undergo breast cancer screenings to maintain their health and well-being.

Government-Funded Options

The Ohio Department of Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Project (BCCP) offers education, outreach, and early detection services, including free mammograms and Pap tests to eligible individuals. To qualify, you must be an uninsured or underinsured woman, aged between 40 and 64 years old, meet certain income criteria, and have no other medical coverage for breast or cervical screenings.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation's National Mammography Program offers free mammograms and diagnostic services to women in the U.S., including Akron. Its partner facilities, such as the Cleveland Clinic Akron General, provide these services to underprivileged women.

Non-Profit Options

The non-profit organization Project Pink’d helps women in Akron and across the Midwest with direct financial assistance for mammogram tests, amongst other services.

Additionally, you can contact the Bosom Friends group, an organization dedicated to providing emotional and financial support to women on their breast cancer journeys. They may provide assistance or point to resources for free mammograms.

Steps to Getting Screened

Step 1: Get a doctor's order. Contact a local medical provider and request a mammogram screening order. If you do not have a regular healthcare provider, clinics like Planned Parenthood can offer this service.

Step 2: Determine eligibility. Reach out to one of the resources mentioned above to check if you qualify for free mammogram screenings based on criteria like insurance status, age, or income.

Step 3: Schedule your appointment. Once you have a doctor's order and have confirmed eligibility, call the facility and schedule your mammogram.

Step 4: Prepare for your appointment. On the day of your mammogram, avoid wearing deodorant or antiperspirant as these can show up on the mammogram image. Wear a skirt or pants to the appointment so you will only need to remove your top and bra.

Mammograms are a vital part of breast health. If cost has been a barrier for you in the past, these resources can help you get the screenings you need. Start today; take control of your health and encourage other women in your circles to do the same.

In addition to mammograms, remember that regular self-breast examinations can also aid in early detection. October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's an ideal time to remind ourselves and other women of the importance of these screenings.

Breast cancer, when detected early, has a much higher rate of successful treatment, so don’t delay getting your mammogram, particularly if you’re in the high-risk group. In this fight against breast cancer, every little bit helps, starting with ensuring we take care of our own health.

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